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My name is Shauna - I am an Educator, Coach & Author.

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What others say about working with me…

"The simplest of questions goes unanswered so often.  How can I help you?  How can I (as a project manager) help you (my colleague)? Of course, job titles are given.  However, roles in the office are learnt, or developed, by the individuals that work there, through their own actions and the responses of others.  

Our discussion has shed light on this question; one that I had understood, but not articulated. Now that I understand, I can ask my superiors, those working on my projects, and project stakeholders directly, and use the answer to guide my efforts to deliver projects swiftly and effectively." Derek B., Project Manager

"I would strongly recommend Shauna and her team meeting content to other organizations. She takes the time to understand the needs of the team, what you hope to gain from the session, and is readily available for any questions." Lauren D., AVP, Business Affairs & RFX

“Shauna's an excellent coach, in the true sense - she challenges teams to think critically, problem solve, and experiment to achieve desired outcomes. She's one of the few people I've encountered, who has the courage to consistently give open and honest feedback to people at all levels, but always with diplomacy, respect, and team improvement at the core of her feedback.

“In particular, Shauna excels at what we called, ‘ruthless prioritization’. She's awesome at recommending, and getting agreement, on what the top priority is, and then keeping the team laser focused on that.” Jennifer M., Sr. Manager, Enterprise Project Management

“Shauna is an asset to any team. She cares and does what's best for the team. She's highly productive as an individual contributor due to her broad skills, creativity, and attention to detail and she's also a good leader due to her big picture thinking, and strong organization and communication skills. She's a great coach and advisor… Shauna makes any team better.” David F., Director, Engineering


Shauna is a seasoned business leader, coach, and author with proven success in organizational culture transformation and team effectiveness. She spent the last 9 years in leadership roles within a global financial firm. In her most recent role, she led strategy and planning in a technology organization of over 250 team members. Prior to this, she spent 3 years in a leadership role within a tech start up, transforming work processes and team delivery of digital media; and 10 years leading technical marketing implementations through her own consulting and project management practice with key clients being Miller Thomson LLP and Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP.

An organization is the sum of its parts–people, process, products. Shauna’s crossover strengths in communications, systems thinking, and human dynamics allow her to understand these interconnections. Her approach is down-to-earth, methodical, and data driven. Shauna brings a sense of humour, curiosity, and compassion to her work, guided by the overall mission to enhance the dynamics of human relationships.

Shauna actively maintains her PMP and CBAP certifications. She earned her certificate in Conflict Management and Mediation from Conrad Grebel University College and is currently working on her ICF PCC coaching certification through Erickson International. She is an MHS Certified Provider of the Influence Style Indicator, Change Style Indicator & Change Navigator Assessments.

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