How do you dance at work?

by Shauna Richter

I spent a large portion of the first two decades of my life and part of the third devoted to art of dance. I can confirm that dancing with a partner is exponentially more difficult than on your own. Adding more people, becomes even more complex.

In coaching, we talk about “dancing” with our client. This means meeting them where they are at, but also learning to share the lead. The impact is both extremely liberating and effective in reaching the desired outcome.

Full confession, in dance, I struggled with letting go of the lead and simply following my dance partner. Have you ever watched this happen? It turns the beautiful fluid art of dance into a bit of a mess. But when I let go of control and meet my partner where they are at, respond to where they are guiding me in a give and take interaction, we flow together, and the dance becomes easy. The result is stunning to witness.

How do you wish to dance at work this week?

If you or anyone on your team would like help with “The Dance”, reach out. 😊