Finding & Navigating 'The Influence Space'

Designed to enhance and grow your ability to positively influence 1:1 and in large complex group situations and projects. Finding and Navigating 'The Influence Space' is a unique combination of expert resources, supportive coaching, and can be tailored to your team to realize even the most complex goals.

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What Participants Are Saying...

"Shauna joined our team meeting to lead the Finding & Navigating 'The Influence Space' session. In advance of the session each team member completed a survey to determine their Influencer Style, which was used to tailor content specific to each individual's style in advance of the team session. This was such a valuable exercise as it made the team aware of its own preferences and helped create a good foundation for the day's coaching session, resulting in a lot of team engagement.

Shauna was an excellent facilitator, presenting new concepts and tools and then moderating a variety of real-world scenarios that the team brainstormed solutions for in real-time. The team felt very comfortable with Shauna and were able to open up in suggesting scenarios to work through. She was successfully able to draw participation from the entire group - including those that may be more reluctant to participate in group sessions, allowing for more variety in perspectives.

The session was so well received that we followed it up with a smaller, more focused coaching session with a subset of the larger team to do a deeper dive into the scenarios this group encounters. I would strongly recommend Shauna and her team meeting content to other organizations. She takes the time to understand the needs of the team, what you hope to gain from the session, and is readily available for any questions." Lauren D., AVP, Business Affairs & RFX

"I wanted to express my utmost satisfaction with the workshop. Everything was excellent, from the facilitator to the workshop content and structure.

Shauna was well-prepared and did a fantastic job in delivering the session. Her expertise and engaging style of presentation kept the participants actively involved throughout the workshop. I truly appreciated her ability to effectively convey  complex concepts in a clear and concise manner.

The workshop content was comprehensive and highly relevant. The topics covered were exactly what I was hoping to learn and explore further. The materials provided were informative and well-organized, allowing for a seamless learning experience.

I look forward to participating in more events organized by Shauna in the future." -Kos K, Technical Services PMO Manager

"The concepts I learned in this workshop were extremely valuable and very applicable to situations that I experience frequently in my job. The live scenarios were especially insightful and provided a great way to gain hands-on experience and immediately apply the concepts, tools, and techniques that were taught. Overall, it was a fun and informative workshop that I gained a lot of value from." -Cristina L., Technical Services, Project Manager

"The workshop was very well organized with examples, role plays and use-cases from our real work life. The instructor was very attentive to inputs provided by the participants and was able to apply these impromptu to the remaining workshop sessions. Overall the workshop helped me to better achieve specific deliverables / deadlines in our project meetings." Sani D., Senior Project Manager

Regarding your facilitator, the content or structure, was there anything that you really liked? 

"Engagement and using real scenarios that were applicable to how we work in our department. (Shauna) was also great at moderating the room and engaging quieter participants." -Anonymous Participant

"The positivity, offered resources and support!" -Amanda S., Business Affairs Manager

"I really liked that we had content to refer back to for over 3 months. It helped me better enhance my knowledge on the topic and it satisfied my curiosity on some topics, along with the session. I also liked how easy going and flexible the schedule was; almost everyone had the chance to ask questions comfortably and to discuss concerns. -Lubna P., Business Affairs Intern


1) Experiential learning through the use of real day-to-day situations

  • Tailored to focus on the unique needs of each participant through content, tools, and role-play to enhance insights and skills.

2) Tailored Content

  • Refine influence abilities through practice scenarios gathered from your day-to-day environment and in the moment feedback and coaching .

3) Insights from Assessment Tools

  • A variety of assessments can provide personal and team insights that support growing the ability to positively influence within your workplace. 

4) In-Person Delivery

  • Designed to integrate into team meetings and off sites to strengthen team dynamics in a hybrid world.

5) Online Learning Space Access

  • Concepts, tools, and templates are assembled in an easy-to-use online dashboard where participants can engage in video content and download tools and templates, allowing for self-directed learning, before, during and after the workshop to deepen skills growth.

Workshop Developer & Facilitator:
Shauna Leigh Richter, BA. Econ, CBAP, PMP, ICF PCC (2023 Candidate)

Shauna is a seasoned business leader, coach, and author, with proven success in organizational culture transformation and team effectiveness. She spent the last 9 years in leadership roles within a global financial firm. In her most recent role, she led strategy and planning within a global technology department of 250+ people. Prior to this, she spent 3 years in a tech start up as a leader, transforming work processes and team delivery of digital media; and 9 years leading her own Project Management and Consulting firm.

Her approach is down-to-earth, methodical, and data driven. Shauna brings a sense of humour, curiosity, and compassion, and can relate to the needs of individuals and teams at all levels of an organization.

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Finding & Navigating 'The Influence Space' Workshop